Nokian Gazzaloddi G 2.6 review£32.95

An (almost) invulnerable DH tyre

BikeRadar score4/5

Nokian's Gazzaloddi was one of the first really big volume, aggressive DH tyres, and it picked up an enviable reputation. This revamped version brings new tread compounds and patterns into play.

The tread is closer spaced than previous Gazzas and uses a paired block design to create a reasonably fast rolling tyre despite soft, 50 duro rubber across the whole tread. Heavily reinforced sidewalls and side knobs also mean it can handle huge amounts of cornering force on solid surfaces, although there's a big lurch as you transfer between centre and shoulder tread.

It's not particularly directionally gifted in mud but it grips OK in most UK conditions. Where it's phenomenal is rocky or droppy courses where the close, thick blocks, reinforced carcass and tubeless compatibility make it almost invulnerable.

It's designed to be run at higher pressures than previous Gazzas, which makes it slightly numb in terms of feel. Higher pressures help in getting the near 1.5kg weight though, and once you're rolling stability is awesome, which will appeal to big huckers and speed merchants.

Sizes and types are limited, but pricing is decent for a UST DH tyre and the rest of the more wintry Gazzaloddi family is still available.

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