Panaracer Extreme Evo2 tyres review£24.99

Slick & quick road tyres

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Intended for racing, these Panaracer clinchers are accurate and confidence-inspiring in corners, even in the wet.

Panaracer says this incarnation of the Evo II has a tweaked version of the ZSG Ultima tread compound that gives ten percent better wear.

We're certainly seeing good durability from the Evo2s, but its in the grip department that ZSG Ultima really excels. Cornering adhesion is excellent and the profile means they roll naturally into bends.

We found that they slip less than most when scaling steep gradients on wet surfaces too, which helps the durability. It's abrasion in slippage on climbs that wears rear tyres.

There are lighter 23mm clinchers, but only by a handful of grams less than the Evo2's perfectly acceptable 225g.

Our only gripe is that there's no 25mm version. A slightly bigger bag would make this a great sportive or long-distance-commuting tyre.

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