Panaracer Evo 3 Protex road tyre review£34.99

Tough race bike rubber

BikeRadar score4/5

Panracer's new top-end road race tyre has improved puncture protection thanks to a ‘better than Kevlar’ bead-to-bead breaker layer.

In toughness, they’re on a par with Conti’s Grand Prix 4 Season, a reliable winter training tyre, and slightly better than Michelin’s impressively durable all-round race tyre, the Pro2 Race. In our roll down tests, though, they were slower than both.

Cornering grip from the dual-compound tread is fine, making them better for off-season security than all-out speed. They’re available as 700x23 and 700x25, which weigh 210g and 240g respectively.

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