Panaracer Razer 2.1in mountain bike tyre review£38.00

A great trail tyre grows an extra lung

BikeRadar score3.5/5

No one makes a song or a dance about the Panaracer Razer; even Panaracer forget they do it sometimes, but we don’t. The 2.3in model is a dry(ish) weather lockdown when we want a general purpose trail bike tyre which has grip and rolling ability without sacrificing sidewall strength or durability.

We were keen to get some miles on the speed-orientated 2.1in version, but with the company’s ‘PR breaker’ belting hidden in the casing. PR (puncture resistance) belting works by adding a densely woven layer of material inside the ZSG compound rubber for the outer tread. We’ve tried pushing drawing pins through the casing and failed to make a hole.

So far, fitted with super-light inner tubes we’ve not had a flat from a sharp, or a pinch. Some of that will be down to our smooth style and some could be down to the tyres' built-in anti-snakebite chamfer in the side casing. Whichever it is, it seems like a good insurance policy.

While these aren’t tubeless or even officially tubeless-ready, we've run them tubeless with a dose of latex sealant and haven’t had any issues. We think they’ll be popular with endurance racers who’ll love the fast rolling with predictable grip and the option of eliminating the number of flats.

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