Panaracer Trailraker Folding 2.1in review£27.99

Maximum winter grip

BikeRadar score4/5

If you want maximum winter grip, the Trailraker is your tyre. The combination of tall centre, shoulder and buttressed edge spikes means it drives deep into soft ground for incredible straight-line, off-camber or leant-over traction. The mid-height spikes and dual-compound rubber mean it's more controlled on wet rocks and roots than most spiky tyres too.

The tyre isn't heavy so it accelerates well, but it does roll slowly and clog up in heavy mud. It's even fairly predictable on tarmac, although it wears fast in the dry. The ASB Chafer reinforced sidewall strip definitely boosts pinch flat resistance; BAX puncture resistant (£29.99) and UST tubeless (£34.99) versions are also available.

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  • Discipline: Road, Mountain, Urban, Womens
  • Location: UK, USA, Australia
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