Schwalbe Marathon Extreme tyres review£36.99

Tough touring rubber

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Schwalbe's Marathon XR has long been the adventure tourer’s tyre of choice, with a reputation for reliability and longevity. Its new sibling, the Extreme, uses wider spaced, serrated lugs that are better suited to loose and off-road conditions – several weeks of tough touring in the Himalayas proved puncture and mishap-free.

It has a dynamo strip and a reflective sidewall, it’s foldable, plus it’s more than 200g lighter than an XR at 670g, saving close to half a kilo in rotational weight – at the cost of a little longevity. 

Still, we’re confident it will see you through the toughest off-road tours. For unusually long rides, you could always run an Extreme at the front for extra grip, with an XR handling most of the load at the back. 

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