Stan's No Tubes The Crow Tyre review£49.00

Tubeless, lightweight 425g summer tyre

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The claimed weight of this minimally treaded tyre is 410g, but when we popped it on to our digital scales, it came in at 15g more. We're not complaining though, as that still makes it one of the lightest off-road tyres available, and so far we haven't punctured it.

Of course, puncture resistance is the selling point of Stan's No Tubes liquid latex kits, and The Crow tyre is at its best with liquid sealant instead of an inner tube. It's at its very best on Stan's No Tubes own superlight rims though...

Cross-country racers looking to eke out every tiny speed advantagewon't find a lighter rim and tyre combination that can reliably stand the pace.

It's probably worth mentioning at this point that, considering how little tread is on the 2in casing, it's surprisingly grippy so long as the surface isn't slimey. You really don't want to be slamming into pointy rocks though, because, as with most superlight treads, the sidewall is pretty thin.

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