Continental Mountain King Tubeless Tyres review£34.95

Middle-of-the-road tyre that’s pretty good at most things

BikeRadar score3/5

The tread design of the Mountain King is designed to hook up in a variety of conditions and comes in several casing options including the lightweightSupersonic Tubeless, and in 2.2in and 2.4in sizes.

Our UST versions took several swearing outbursts to fit. [The steel-core tyre levers are under your desk Doddy - Ed]

The tread pattern is directional for front and rear wheels, and is formed of small wedges – this makes them roll and clear quickly – although they suffer in the wet because the small knobbles tend to slice through, rather than dig in. 

The profile of the casing is very round – there are no defined shoulders to dig in on the turns. As a result the tyres feel great on hard surfaces, but struggle on anything wet or loamy.

But the fact that this tyre fares well in most conditions is a big plus – if you want a middle-of-the-road tyre that’s pretty good at most things – this could be it.

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