Continental GP Force and Attack Black Chilli review£54.95

New rubber boosts performance of classic pairing

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Continental's new Black Chilli tread compound gives a a real boost to performance for Conti's well-established 24mm rear/22mm front tyre combo.

The rubber looks and feels nothing like previous Conti tyres. At the same inflation pressure as prior incarnations, the Black Chili compound versions roll better, giving the bike a lively and quick feeling, and grip is greatly improved straight out of the packaging. 

Long gone is the slightly squeaky and somewhat nervous handling, instead this is replaced by surefooted grip – and lots of it. 

So far the wear rate seems on a par with comparable tyres. We’ll keep piling the miles on them, partly because they’re damn good and we don’t want to take them off the bike, and also to see how they fair until they wear out.

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