Dia Compe Gran Compe SS tyres review£34.99

Sorbet coloured folding rubber

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Available in a yummy sorbet/sherbert palette, these folding tyres will complement any crazy colour schemes you might have in mind, plus they’ll bring a smile to your face on a cold, grey day.

‘Flavours’ include lime green, orange, raspberry pink, white and black. Their bright fluorescence makes them highly visible to traffic, and this can only be a good thing for safety’s sake, as long as you can handle the occasional bemused stare. 

Manufacturing quality and thread density are average for this Dia Compe foray into the fiercely competitive tyre market, and although priced a little over the odds when compared to an equivalent Continental or Vittoria tyre, you’ll benefit from an instant improvement in ride comfort: they’re amazingly soft and buttery, even when inflated 10psi above their 100psi rating.

Fit accuracy onto the rim was perfect, and they ran true with low rolling resistance and decent grip, but they are on the small side for a 23mm wide tyre. At an average of 243g they weighed a fair bit more than the claimed 198g too.

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