Halo Twin Rail Courier Berlin Edition tyre review£22.99

Upgraded urban rubber

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Virtually the same as Halo’s standard Twin Rail Courier tyre, the Berlin edition has an added 2.5mm anti-puncture strip built into the carcass of the tyre under the main tread section.

The standard Twin Rail Courier has only a 1mm thick strip, but weighs in around 90g lighter than the Berlin (407g for our 700x24 test tyre, 464g for the 700x29).

This new version was developed at the request of couriers in the German capital who wanted greater puncture resistance. Having ridden in Berlin and knowing a few couriers out there, we can fully understand their request.

The result is successful too. The Courier Berlin rides just like a standard Twin Rail, with predictable cornering and a smooth and quick performance in a straight line, plus we found we didn’t notice the weight difference.

Wear rate is good too, but there’s also a hard compound version available should you wish to trade a little grip for a longer lifespan. Unlike the Twin Rail Couriers, the Berlin is only available in black.

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