Kenda Tinker Juarez C2C road tyre review£29.99

Lightweight treads

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Like Tinker Juarez, Kenda are better known in the mountain bike world than in road circles, but it turns out that Tinker rode the Race Across America on these signature tyres.

Our roll-down tests suggest he could have picked something faster than the C2C; despite its low weight, the rolling performance is merely okay. It’s not even especially tough.

The bead-to-bead Iron Cloak breaker layer resists centre-tread impaling and sidewall slashing better than a summer race tyre, but faster and tougher rivals are available.

Grip is fine, though, and while we’re not convinced that the shoulder pattern does much, the softer rubber compound helps cornering traction.

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