Maxxis Re-Fuse road tyre review£24.99

All-round training rubber

BikeRadar score3/5

Also available in a heavier wire-bead version, the Re-Fuse is cheaper than most of its rivals and comes in a rainbow selection of colours. London fixie riders will no doubt love it for that feature alone.

Puncture protection comes from a Kevlar composite belt under the tread, and what Maxxis call a ‘silkworm cap ply’ casing running bead to bead. This protection bows out the tyre, so it needs a toe-strap or two to hold the tyre to the rim when fitting.

The Re-Fuse still isn't as tough as the likes of Schwalbe's Durano Plus, particularly through the sidewalls – but then it is £17 cheaper. Rolling performance and grip are average.

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