Michelin Pro 2 Race tyres review£29.95

Fast race tyres which have a decent degree of puncture resistance

BikeRadar score4/5

When you can freewheel your hack road bike away from pimpy aeroTT machines equipped with decent tubs or race clinchers in roll down tests, that tells you something about the tyres: these Michelins are fast.

They haven't actually improved my 10 times but that's me, not them.The tyres are light and supple, despite a bit of puncture-resistance reinforcement. No punctures so far, and grip is excellent in the dry. Longevity could be an issue; if you want a fast training/commuting tyre, try Michelin's Krylion Carbon. For racing, I've yet to use a faster tyre - though the Pro 2 Light looks promising...

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