Panaracer Extreme Duro Protex tyre review£34.99

Near-perfect puncture-fighting rubber

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The ideal road tyre would be really fast, incredibly grippy around the bends, easy to get on, puncture-proof and lightweight. Panaracer may just have made the closest thing to that perfect road tyre with the new Extreme Duro Protex.

Once up to pressure the tyre has a slightly triangular shape to it, so when rolling along in a straight line you’re riding on the ridge of the tyre, and when leaning over in the corner there’s suddenly more tyre in contact with the ground.

It’s a very subtle shape change though, and not something you can feel when you’re making the transition from straight ahead into the bends.

The Protex anti-puncture coating is a proven performer, and not only covers the main tread but is part of the whole tyre casing. All that wrapped up in a surprisingly low weight (227g, 23mm width) folding tyre that’s available in 700x23 and 700x25 sizes.

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