Citec 3000 S Aero wheelset review£711.83

German-made all-round road wheels

BikeRadar score4/5

Wheels are probably the biggest upgrade you can make on your bike – after the frame they’re the most important component, more crucial than the groupset for bike feel. There are many quality hoops out there, but a less mainstream choice is Citec. The German company have a higher profile at home, where they still manufacture their wheels, including the bearings.

Weight is reasonable and on a par for most wheels around this price, the front weighing 700g, the rear 890g. The spokes are straight-pull and bladed throughout, with just 14 at the front and 16 at the rear. The front and drive-side spokes have a radial pattern, the non-drive side one-cross.

The trade-off for the low spoke count is that this wheelset has a recommended weight limit of 90kg. For heavier riders there’s a 16 and 20 spokes option, weighing 60g more (there’s also a 50g lighter model with a carbon rim and aluminium braking surface for £978).

The 3000 S Aeros are great-looking wheels and build quality’s excellent throughout. The bladed spokes were well tensioned and our workshop manager George was impressed by how accurate they were – front and rear were to within 0.25mm laterally, with roundness within 0.5mm.

We were also impressed by Citec’s hubs. They’re well made, oozing quality, and run smoothly on the road. The wheels are quick to get up to speed and behave impeccably, with little flex evident. It’s hard to judge the aerodynamic claims, but the advantage of rims just 27mm deep is that they’re less susceptible to sidewinds.

Overall, these are worth considering if you’re looking to part with £700 on a pair of wheels for racing or riding sportives. The construction quality is reassuring, and you’ll stand out from the crowds too. 

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine.

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