DT Swiss X1800 wheels review£329.98

Bargain price for DT Swiss off-road performance and kudos

BikeRadar score4/5

DT Swiss' new X1800 wheels bring DT's famed performance, pose value and multi-disc versatility down to a new price level.

The mid-width (24mm) sleeve-jointed disc rim sets up a robust and 2.25in/2.3in tyre-tolerant wheel. Ours have certainly taken a good few drops and less-than-delicate line choices without damage.

Despite having just 28 spokes front and rear, there’s no disturbing flex or drunken staggering when you put the boot in through off-camber terrain, random rubble or hard corners.

The X1800s weigh in at 804g front and 1022g rear, and are competitive in terms of cost and toughness.

Style-wise, they look more expensive than they are, coming with smart, padded wheel bags to help keep your car boot/back room/understairs cupboard tidy.

Plastic rim tape and a special Prolock spoke key are also provided for your maintenance/fettling needs.

Conventional DT Comp spokes can be replaced easily if you snap or bend one and, best of all, the Centerlock hubs come with adaptors for six bolt rotors, so you can run any brake you want.

On the downside, the two pawl internals don’t hook up as fast as some freehubs (including DT Swiss’s own Star Ratchet system), although they’ve proved reliable through a winter of use.

The quick-release levers are okay, but far from outstanding.

A lack of axle interchangeability may also be an issue if you’re looking at next year’s new 20mm/15mm thru-axle fork options.

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