Easton EA50 Aero road wheelset review£320.00

Nicely finished hoops

BikeRadar score3/5

This is a smart looking pair of wheels, with red anodised hubs, 30mm deep rims and thick, black, steel spokes. But 20 front spokes and 24 rear, when laced to a reasonably weighty rim, seriously dulls performance, largely negating any aero benefit.

On our first ride we checked several times to ensure the brakes weren’t rubbing. The EA50s roll well when up to speed, but are sluggish to accelerate and really make their mass known on the hills. Easton hand lace and true all of their wheels, and their quality isn't in doubt.

These would make a good training wheel, or even a light touring wheel, particularly for heavier or more powerful riders, but are just too slow for hilly sportives or racing. The rims have a machined braking surface with a wear indicator groove, and cartridge bearings should keep things running smoothly. They’re sold with a two-year warranty.

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