Easton EA90SLX wheels review£429.99

Superlight factory handmades

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Easton bought the rights to the Velomax wheel design some time ago and this is the best wheel the US company produces with an aluminium rim. 

All the wheels are built individually by hand; the GEN-3 rear rim has holes that are offset to equalise spoke tension across the wheel, while the front rim is shallower depth for added comfort and to save weight.

The bearings of the Velomax R4 hub can be accessed by removing a split ring on the end of the freehub body and driving out the axle using a soft mallet – there’s a useful film on Easton’s website on the correct procedure for using the tools.

The 24 rear and 18 front spokes are unusual in that they thread into the hubs, but the jury’s still out on whether this is detrimental to their fatigue life, as they aren’t free to move when the wheel experiences high torsional loads with a very heavy rider on board.

The rims are ultra light so they performed well for bursts of speed on the climbs, and they seemed to float beautifully over imperfections on the road. 

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