FSA RD 488 tubular road wheelset review£999.95

Italian rollers

BikeRadar score3/5

FSA are better known for their headsets, cranks and cockpit equipment than they are for their wheels, but these Italian rollers are comfortable, lightweight and fair value at just under a grand.

The 50mm rims mount the conventional bladed spokes straight into a broad base for reassuring outer-edge strength. These wheels are light for their price, so they pick up speed healthily enough.

They track and brake adequately for letting loose on the descents too. The medium flanged hubs and radial spoking also stops them stinging badly if you clobber a pothole unexpectedly.

They went out of true during testing, but the visible nipples made sorting that out easier than with a lot of buried spoke wheels. Spoke key, valve extenders and brake pads are included in the wheel package price.

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