Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels review£399.00

Super-stiff race wheels with long-life hubs

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Fulcrum Racing 3 shares the same quality hub as Campagnolo’s Zonda wheels, based on high quality angular contact bearings that are easy to adjust, smooth running. Fulcrum is a Campagnolo offshoot, and like Campagnolo's hubs, these should last a lifetime if dismantled and re-greased annually.

Fulcrum claims its Dynamic Balance rim is stiffer than its competitors and the asymmetric rear ensures minimal dishing. The lack of spoke holes at the back of the rim does away with rim tape, and should the need arise a magnet is supplied with which to align the steel nipple with the thread of a replacement spoke.

There are 14 elliptical steel rear spokes arranged in a crossed pattern on the drive side and the remaining seven serve the left to create what is the stiffest wheel on test; even on the most extreme climb the rim never brushed against the brake blocks.

The skewers supplied are second only to the Mavic Ksyrium in terms of convenience and these wheels are available with either a Campagnolo- or Shimano-compatible freehub body.

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