Hope Pro 2/DT Swiss EX 500 mountain bike wheelset review£285.00

Understated looking hoops with superb performance

BikeRadar score4/5

Hope Hoops have become the benchmark for budget to mid-range wheel builds. The Pro 2 hub found here features the ubiquitous Hope racket; it can’t be quietened and if you’re planning on seeing local wildlife you’d better not coast.

It doesn’t die down with age either. This is a positive because the clicking noise is the sound of the pawls tapping around the ratchet ring. Were this to dull it would be a sign that a part was wearing out.

Pickup remained as sharp throughout the test as it did on several sets of long-term Hoops. It’s also reassuring that spares are readily available and servicing is a cinch.

DT Swiss’s 27mm-wide EX 500 rims fared well throughout our tests. They also made usage of mid- to high-volume tyres possible, giving the bead edge added protection as well as boosting grip and cushioning.

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