Kore Gradient 2 road wheelset review£199.99

Lightweight smooth spinners

BikeRadar score4.5/5

US brand Kore are best known for their mountain bike components, but they do plenty of road stuff too, including three sets of complete wheels. 

We got on really well with these lightweight hoops. Despite large gaps between the two-cross, double-butted spokes – 24 at the front and 28 at the rear – there’s little bending of the shallow V-section rims when you lay the power down and they pick up speed eagerly.

The sealed cartridge bearings ran super-smooth from the off and stayed that way throughout our grim-weather riding and, although the spoke tension did decline, the rims remained remarkably true. 

Those rims have been matt silver anodised and the sidewalls CNC machined so it’s all-but impossible to see the joint – if you care about such things – and the polished black hub shells look pretty too. Weights are 752g front and 946 rear.

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