Kore Streamline wheels review£199.00

Bargain semi-aero wheels

BikeRadar score4/5

The Streamline is slightly at odds with its name, as the rim falls short of being deep enough in section to provide a real advantage in terms of low drag for time trials. But you do get elliptical spokes, which is unusual for a wheel at this price.

The large gaps in the rim between the 20 rear and 16 front spokes look odd – unsafe, even – but the crossed and paired spoking pattern has stood the test of time. 

Following a slight glitch with an earlier set that loosened its spokes, we’re pleased to say that the latest Streamline wheels stayed tight and true for the duration of the test.

The cartridge bearings run smoothly but the skewer was a little disappointing to use, as it needed care to align the fibre washer with the closure lever, though we aren’t complaining at this price.

As with other deep section wheels, you’ll need inner tubes with deep section valve stems or valve extensions.

There are three wheels in the Kore range, the Streamline tested here, the Gradient and Gradient 2, which have shallow V-section rims.

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