Road wheelset: Mach 1 RJ Project rims/Shimano 3300 hubs review£105.98

Solid budget wheels

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These aren't the fastest accelerating wheels by a long way – they’re too heavy for that – but, built up with 32 double-butted spokes (three-cross front and rear), there’s little flex in the low profile rims.

They weren’t anything special in terms of their truth or spoke adjustment when we got them but they didn’t alter at all over time, which bodes well for their durability. 

Eyelets around the spoke holes add extra strength and a wear-indicator groove tells you when they need to be pensioned off. 

Shimano’s Sora-level 3300 hubs have just single-contact seals rather than the more elaborate labyrinth seals you get higher up the range, but they still offer reasonable weatherproofing.

The loose bearings run smoother than you’d expect for the money. They were adjusted well at the factory and didn’t alter much through the test period. 

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