Mavic Crossride Disc mountain bike wheelset review£171.00

Tough and effective, with a slender pricetag

BikeRadar score3/5

The first thing to mention about this wheelset is the price. "Value" and "bargain" were scrawled across our test notes and the wheels perform well enough to make some riders question why you’d need to spend more at all.

Twenty-four stainless, straight-pull, bladed spokes per wheel mean the rims are strong and stiff before lacing. Brass nipples ensure they’ll stay workable through miles of use. The sealing’s been proven on long-term sets as well as this test pair. The FTS-X freehub features swift pick-up and a tough shell that resists cutting.

The six-bolt rotor mounts have unusual cut-out details on the back of each tab, presumably to reduce weight. Although we were wary of this, we’ve had 180mm rotors up front with no problems, and the delicate tabs are out of harm’s way behind the rotor itself.

The fly in the ointment is the 1,940g heft. Less substantial models are higher up the range for those prepared to pay more for less weight. Quick-release skewers and rim tapes seal the deal.

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