Mavic Deetrax review£273.00

A lot of the pro features of the Mavic Deemax for less money

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Deetrax delivers a lot of the pro Deemax features for almost £200 less.

It uses the same straight pull flanged hub design but with 32 not 28 straight pull steel spokes for a failsafe and impressively stiff structure.

The 31mm rim supports bigger (2.3-2.4in) tyres better, although it's not UST tubeless.

The QRM+ hub bearings are adjustable for preload and lasting well so far, but Mavic FTS-L freehubs tend to be more labour/spares intensive than most. At least they die gradually, instead of suddenly like they used to.

We advise Loctite-ing the 20mm front adaptors before you lose/forget them. It's a bolted or Saint rear axle-only set-up too.

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