Mavic Ksyrium Premium wheels review£744.70

Expensive top-end member of the Ksyrium family

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Almost a  decade ago Mavic caused a sensation with the original Ksyrium design. The new range-heading Premium model is marginally lighter than the standard Ksyrium SL, and includes titanium axles and skewers in place of the steel ones used on the lower-priced SL. Like the SL, the Premium wheels have a carbon front hub and alloy rear.

The super-sized Zicral alloy straight-pull spokes are arranged in the hub with the minimal amount of dishing to provide excellent lateral stiffness. Contact with the brake blocks is virtually nonexistent when climbing steep hills. Run your finger along the edge of the rim and it’s easy to see that the braking surface is quite thin, so don’t expect them to last as long as heavier wheels when used for prolonged periods.

When using the beautifully crafted skewers, avoid the temptation to apply heavy force as they are designed to require only gentle pressure on the closure lever.

The Premiums come with a wheel bag, but this isn’t enough to justify the high price tag. 

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