Mavic Ksyrium Yksion K10 wheel and tyre package review£899.00

Limited edition hoops

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Mavic have developed the K10 wheel and tyre as an integrated package, available in a limited edition of 1,000 to mark Ksyrium’s 10th anniversary. But though you get them together – with wheel bags – that’s not to say that they’ll only work together. Mavic haven’t come up with a new proprietary system.

The K10s have plenty in common with existing Ksyriums, but have some distinguishing features too. Most notably, though they have similar rims to Ksyrium SLs – 22mm high at the front, 25mm and an asymmetric profile at the rear – the K10s feature Mavic’s new ISM3D (Inter Spoke Milling 3 Dimensions) machining.

Material is milled away from between each spoke hole and along the sidewalls to bring the weight down. It’s only a few grams, but it’s rotational weight which is a definite bonus.

The hubs have oversized aluminium and carbon fibre shells, alloy axles and adjustable cartridge bearings – tried and tested stuff that works reliably – with a little more cosmetic machining than on the SLs, and they’re double anodised for a distinctive look.

The straight-pull, bladed spokes that thread directly into the rim are the same as previously used, which is fine because despite a zillion miles aboard these they’ve never given us any trouble.

The 290TPI (threads per inch) 23mm clincher tyres are high quality too, produced in the same factory as Vittorias – supple, puncture-resistant and striking a good balance between grip and durability. Numbers aren’t limited and replacements will set you back £45 a throw.

The K10s are the lightest ever Ksyriums, ours weighing 998g front and 1,228g rear including quick-release skewers, tubes and tyres (668g front and 898g rear without tubes or tyres), and they accelerate with a spring in their step.

You can get lighter wheels, but we like Ksyriums for their strength – we’ve hit countless potholes and they just carry on smiling. That extra milling hasn’t reduced rigidity either. Are the K10s any better than the £710 Ksyrium SLs? It’s hard to tell them apart in terms of performance, but if you’re attracted by them being new and a limited edition, go for it.

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