Novatec Demon DH wheels review£400.00

Minimalist, UK-friendly hoops

BikeRadar score4/5

We were really impressed with the smooth rolling and strength of these Taiwanese wheels. They feel sharp out of corners and after a couple of months thrashing they’re still as true as the day we bolted them on. A hard riding pair of wheels, well suited to UK ripping. 

The Demons are full of tidy features such as double wall rims with a welded join and single eyelet, rounded Sapim race butted spokes and internally locking spoke nipples to help keep tension at its peak.

The rear axle is a thumping great 150mm x 12mm, the hub bodies are CNC-machined and run on buttery-smooth Japanese industrial bearings. As these are 32-holers, and the hubs are relatively slimline, weight is kept right down. The free-hub is pretty quiet too, creating a minimalist feel.

The bronze-on-black colour scheme may not please the lairy and loud brigade, but we think they look nicely understated.

Novatec are just dipping their toes into the UK market. They haven’t found a distributor, so prices are still a bit sketchy, but with products this good we reckon they could do big things.

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