Nukeproof Generator AM mountain bike wheelset review£255.00

Versatile and tough trail wheels

BikeRadar score3/5

Nuke Proof’s ‘yellow peril’ Generator AM wheelset is billed as an all-mountain pairing. That means it carries a weight penalty compared to more cross-country/trail focused wheels, but offers wider rims and a stronger build.

While the 29mm rim is more of a friend to aggressive rubber than shrinking skinnies, the weight isn't that noticeable once you're moving. We ran them with single-ply Maxxis Ardent tyres at sensible pressures and revelled in the extra rock-munching capability.

In fact, we traversed 340km of the Maritime Alps without a single dent or pinch flat. The sealed cartridge bearings and double-butted spokes were good, and there are options for every type of axle on the market, front and rear.

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