Planet X Model B road wheelset review£157.50

Lightweight race friendly hoops

BikeRadar score4/5

This light wheelset comes with semi-aero rims, aero-bladed spokes (20 radially laced up front, 24 two-cross at the rear) and sealed cartridge bearings in the hubs. 

The wheels spin up to speed quickly and there’s little flex at either the front or the rear, even through fast, downhill corners and rampaging out-of-the-saddle stomps.

The weather sealing on Planet X’s own hubs, though quite rudimentary, has worked remarkably well to keep the wet and the grime out, and they’ve run smoothly through a whole lot of abuse. 

The rims were fairly true when we got them and didn’t alter much, despite our best efforts, although the spoke tension was a little uneven.

We’ve heard of people having trouble with the strength of the splines on the freehub body – the sprockets eating into the splines – but we used two different cassettes on ours and had no durability worries at all. Weights are 695g front and 928g rear. 

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