Planet X Pro Carbon wheels review£599.00

Excellent carbon time trial wheels

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Planet-X has taken a different approach to designing a carbon clincher with rim sidewalls that are tough enough to withstand the heat build-up of braking by moving the braking area on the rim in towards the hub by 9mm, supplying special cranked brake block carriers to do the job with each set of wheels. 

This simple design results in better control when braking hard into fast corners, although it’s still not quite as good as an aluminium braking surface.

The rim profile is elliptical rather than flat so moderate crosswinds don’t hinder steering stability too much, and the 24 rear spokes and 16 radial front spokes are built tightly, preventing cracking noises that can afflict many wheels of this type when riding over rough ground. With tyres fitted, the rims are four times as deep as their width for aerodynamics, and they’re reasonably comfortable.

The price includes the highly regarded Michelin Pro 2 tyres – worth £45 per pair – plus inner tubes, skewers and wheel bags, making this a compelling purchase that’s well suited to time trialling. 

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