Reynolds Strike road wheelset review£1,099.00

Redesigned for 2011

BikeRadar score4/5

Reynolds' updated Strike wheels get an injection of state-of-the art composite technology at the price of most alloy wheels. At 788g front, 956g rear they’re lighter than most same-price tin-rimmed wheels and they accelerate noticeably quicker.

For 2011 the Strikes also get the new thicker, more heat- resistant CTg brake track and Cryo Blue brake pads used on Reynolds' top wheels. That means noticeably more predictable braking (still less powerful than alloy, but less sudden snatch once heated) and more peace of mind if you go training or racing somewhere hot and hilly.

The low spoke count means they flex enough to get pad rub on climbs and the flat-sided 60mm profile needs care in gusty conditions, but get them up to speed and get used to the more stubborn handling feel of deeper section wheels and they’re an obvious anti-headwind/drag-reduction boost for flatter courses.

Reliability is good and there’s an accidental damage scheme, which all helps them look a bargain. Top Reynolds dealers are running a ‘try before you buy’ scheme on the wheel range, so you can review them yourself before parting with the cash.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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