Rolf Prima Aspin SL road wheelset review£550.00

Swift performance on all terrain

BikeRadar score4/5

Rolf burst onto the scene in the 1990s offering wheels with distinctive paired spokes, and they still do. Using conventional round spokes, the Aspins have 20 radially paired spokes at the front, and a larger flange hub at the rear, with minimally dished crossed spokes paired at the rim.

Oversized alloy axles and sealed cartridge bearings reduce weight and aid reliability. Rolf believe that two opposing spokes under greater tension and paired in this way are more effective than equally spaced spokes, and allow for more unsupported rim. Also, that the increased tension will keep a rim true for longer.

The Aspins offer a firmer ride than expected, but eagerly pick up speed when pushed and sustain it well, the 22mm deep semi aero rims exhibiting some lateral flex. They aren’t as racy as some, but offer swift performance on all terrain. They were tight when it came to fitting and removing tyres.

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