Ryde Carat RC1 road wheelset review£439.99

Handsome hoops with impressive ride quality

BikeRadar score4/5

Ryde wheels come under the umbrella of Rigida International, the world’s largest group of rim manufacturers. The Carat RC1s are built partly by hand in Germany using high quality Taiwanese hubs. At first glance these are very handsome wheels, the carbon hub bodies concealing the straight-pull Sapim aero spoke heads, and the carbon and titanium quick-release levers providing a classy touch.

Weight is good – 584g front, 770g rear – and the slim spokes give a soft feel. There is some wind-up noticeable on acceleration, but the low rotational mass means they hold on to speed easily. Climbing performance wasn't as good as expected for such a light wheel, although the ride quality was impressive. The hubs have two sealed bearings in the front and four in the rear, which should stand up to long sportives with ease.

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