Shimano M505 mountain bike wheelset review£135.00

Budget hoops

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The M505 has some neat features for a budget wheel, but it’s ultimately a bit heavy. It does come with free rim tape already fitted, which is a bonus at this price.

The deep rim has machined sidewalls for V-brake use, if you haven’t upgraded to disc brakes, but the centre lock brake rotor mount means you’re restricted to Shimano disc brakes unless you get an adapter.

The rims don't have eyelets, but that hasn’t created any problems during our testing so far. In fact the rims are still totally round and true despite some very aggressive treatment.

Despite only having 28 spokes it’s a heavy wheel, and we can’t see what advantage having bladed spokes gives as they’re not even noticeable cosmetically.

However, the Shimano quick-release skewers are some of the best around, even at this price, and the adjustable bearings will last for ages if you know how to fettle them.

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