Superstar Components Superleggera XC wheels review£195.00

Great value cross-country wheels

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Superstar Components' new Superleggera XC wheels are built around the company’s Superfast (front) and Superleggera (rear) hubs on Mavic XC717 rims.

The hubs feature a hollow quick-release skewer that's almost as light as a titanium despite being made from steel; Japanese EZO bearings and bodies that are forged for strength then CNC-machined to their final shape.

The rear hub is the most noteworthy component because of its 120 point star-drive engagement; it engages five times quicker than a Shimano or Hope hub.

The most obvious trait however is the noise. The normal free-hub ‘clackity-clack’ is replaced with something altogether faster and more satisfying. You either love or hate the loud whirr these hubs make when coasting – we rock off them.

Considering that the hubs and rims alone would usually cost nearly £200, the handbuilt wheelset is great value at £195.

Function-wise these wheels work a treat – as long as you don’t mind the noise – and have stood up admirably during our trail thrashing.

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