Van Nicholas VNT Carbon aero wheels review£623.00

Quick carbon time trial wheels with reliable braking surfaces

BikeRadar score4/5

VAN Nicholas is better known for its range of titanium bicycles, and this carbon/aluminium model is its first foray into wheel production.

With tyres fitted, the deep section rims provide a superior performance to a shallow or midi section design, making them well suited to time trialling. The aero- elliptical spokes and concealed nipples cut down drag and follow a familiar two-cross pattern on the driveside of the wheel, with the remainder arranged in a simple radial fashion.

The carbon rim is densely constructed to withstand the pulling stresses of the spokes, but this high mass makes it slow to accelerate up to speed. As low weight is of secondary importance in a time trial, though, we aren’t complaining – especially at this price.

With an aluminium braking surface, stopping performance was predictably better than wheels we’ve tried with 100 per cent carbon rims. Compared to the Planet-X Pro Carbon deeps, these feel as quick once up to speed but give a harsher ride over coarse surfaces.

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