Alpinestars Moab elbow pads review£49.99

Tough protection

BikeRadar score3/5

If you’re not overly enamoured with wearing full upper body armour then the Moab elbow protectors from Alpinestars could be for you. The coverage is good, with the dual biofoam padding stretching from a few inches above your elbow to about three-quarters of the way down your forearm.

The meshed sleeve and Velcro strap that hold them in place can feel a little restrictive initially, but you do get used to them quite quickly and they do a good job of keeping the pads in position without feeling too tight on your arm. It’s not until you’re riding with bent arms that you really feel at ease with the ergonomic shape of the Moabs though.

On the move they feel more comfortable and sit well under a jersey.Get crashing and the tough thermoplastic outer shells do a great job of staving off minor injuries. We found that even during big impacts they stayed justabout where they needed to be.

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