Dainese D-Raptor Fibre Le Helmet review£185.00

Lightweight and unique full face

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The D-Raptor looks like it’s been knocked up in someone’s shed, so it’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. The external shell is constructed from hand laid fibreglass with a transparent coating, which may appeal to some riders, but it wasn’t a hit with us.

The overall shape is very bulky and the jaw area is unnecessarily wide, especially when you compare it to the streamlined shapes of THE or Troy Lee lids.

That said, it is very light at 750g, and it is very comfortable, well vented and the well moulded dual-densityinternal polystyrene foam liner features hypo-allergenic wicking fabric so you don’t get too sweaty when wearing it.

Despite the homemade feel, you can’t deny that it’s a supremely comfortable and light lid that will do the job just fine. Looks aren’t everything! 

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