Bell Metropolis review£29.99

Commuting lid with great optional extras

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Specifically styled to be discreet and blend into the urban commuting environment, the Metropolis sports a pleasing, inoffensive rounded shape. 

Where it really stands out is with its accessories. For an extra £20 over the standard helmet price you can have a breathable rain cover, a quality clip-on rear light and a mirror which folds away into the visor. These extras may not be for everyone, but they're great value for those who want them.

The compact design and spherical shell is particularly well suited to the rough and tumble life of commuting. You feel confident wearing it and the rubber bumpers around the base and tough outer shell can really take the abuse.

Helmets like the Metropolis are never going to match the ventilation and weight of race helmets, but the 16 ports provide enough air movement for slower paced riding and the bonus of the smaller holes is a drier head in the rain.

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