Bell Sweep helmet review£100.00

Well ventilated lid

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Sweep features an internal composite skeleton to reinforce the structure, and this has enabled Bell’s designers to go mad with the sculpting.

Positively enormous vents at the front scoop air in while deep internal channels help funnel it towards the exit ports at the rear. It’s about as good as helmet venting gets – worth thinking about if you’re liable to working up a sweat on the climbs.

Fit and comfort are also excellent thanks to Bell’s proprietary Geared Positioning System (GPS), which uses a single knob to adjust the cradle. Stability is good too, partly because the cradle extends three-quarters of the way around the helmet’s inner circumference, but also because it sits low at the rear.

If this sounds like a great blend of all worlds, it is. The Sweep is light and well-vented enough to keep racers happy but provides enough stability and coverage to be a viable option for trail riders too.

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