Bell Sweep XC helmet review£89.99

Super-cooled lid with plenty of protection

BikeRadar score4.5/5

At speed, the Sweep keeps you sublimely chilled and even when plugging up the umpteenth draggy fireroad of the day there wasn’t a hint of overheating.

In-molding extends to the base of the lid, protecting the vulnerable EPS which is moulded round a reinforcement structure to up strength and reduce weight.

We didn’t notice the fit, which is the best recommendation of all. 

Add minimal padding in the right places, the adjustable visor, a firm grip from the GPS ratchet and a shape that suits eggheads and we were very happy.

Dirt-roadies and racers loved the space-age fins on the back, which act as ports to drag air through the front vents and internal grooves, but they’re also at risk of snagging during crashes.

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