Bell Vela Helmet review£24.95

A real bargain women's helmet

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Vela is sized for the theoretically smaller female skull and is a real bargain. The retention cradle extends inside and is anchored into the crown of the helmet rather than the sides, providing security without being too vice-like and helping to keep the air flowing.

One-handed volume adjustments are easy to make with the Ergo-Dial ratchet, and the cradle is smooth with no sharp edges to snag long hair.

An unobtrusive and removable peak complements a sleek back end and a covered snaplock protects chins from clumsy pinches.

Camlock buckles keep straps in place and weight is not unreasonable for this price, though there’s a fair bit of exposed EPS at the back which is vulnerable to scrapes.

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