Bell Volt helmet review£120.00

Road & dirt crossover lid

BikeRadar score4/5

The helmet of Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre is secure and comfortable. It will appeal to those who want the latest lid, but you can get similar performance for less money elsewhere

The 302g Bell Volt is a crossover road/cross-country mountain biking helmet aimed at the fast roadies and cross-country racers. It has a sleek, wind-cheating shape with a set of chopped-off rear fins to smooth exhaust airflow – Bell calls this design Streamjet.

Air intake is very good, if not quite up with the current best-in-class, the Specialized Decibel D2 (a helmet which also hold the crown for the lightest overall weight at 225g).

We found the fit to be very good overall, with a secure grip from the dial-in Twin Axis Gear retention system and X-Static removable pads. With such good circumferential fit, the reliance upon the straps to keep the helmet on is reduced.

The peak on the Volt is a good shape, too, and while it isn’t technically adjustable, it does move a bit and will also stay where you leave it. Alternatively, you can remove the peak and fit two small plastic covers to hide the fixing points.

 Next to the rest of the helmet, the straps feel like antiquated technology. They’re made from thick knitted nylon, which is heavy – and heavier still when they get wet with sweat. They’re also slow to dry in comparison with the super-thin straps on the Specialized D2.

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