Catlike Whisper Helmet review£125.00

A whopping 39 vents to keep you cool

BikeRadar score4/5

If there were prizes here for the number of vents, then the Whisper Plus would sweep the board with an astonishing 39 working hard to keep you cool. Those looks are reminiscent of mousey Gouda and a peak is an optional extra.

Those vents definitely work though. The level of ventilation here is truly astonishing.

It's expensive though, especially when you factor in paying extra for a peak.

However, sitting high and shallow on a floating cradle, this is one of the few helmets that fits flat-fronted, football heads neatly without recourse to stacks of additional padding.

The sweat pads on the back of the retention cradle quickly turned manky, but the storage pod included is a nice touch.

Worth a look if you need a saucer-shaped lid and click with the Euro styling

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