Cratoni Ceron helmet review£99.99

Built tough and engineered to last

BikeRadar score4.5/5

We've always been impressed by the quality of Cratoni helmets, which feel like they're built to last.

The high end Ceron features an integrated carbon wing which reinforces the shell and gives a solid feel to the helmet; it's impressive stuff. The outer EPS is very tough and readily withstands day to day knocks. It only falls short by not extending underneath the helmet's edges to protect the soft underside.

The Orbit Micro Fit system uses a dial to tighten the helmet's retention strap. It's easy to operate single handed and is capable of a head-crushing grip. The dial can also be upgraded to one that features an internal red light.

The Ceron has quite a big shape but a good fit and there's a lot of material, though ventilation doesn't suffer and we had no problem in carrying the extra bit of weight.

The Ceron feels like it is more than up to the job and we appreciated the over engineered design. It's one that's built to take day-to-day wear and tear.

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