Cratoni Zethos Helmet review£68.00

Great value performer

BikeRadar score3/5

A lightweight, well-vented helmet for this money should be… how shall we put it? Not that good. The Zethos is far from rubbish though.

You get a fully in-moulded lid, with a decent cradle system, acceptable styling (if you ignore the naff stick-on chrome lettering) and a good fit.

The bits that aren’t so good are the fact that the Cratoni sticker on the peak came off the first time it rained, the peak itself is a little flimsy and rattles around now and again, and the cradle is quite stiff and not adjustable up and down.

If it fits it’s great, if it doesn’t it’s not too great. Everyone we got to try the helmet didn’t have a problem with it at all, but try before you buy if in doubt. But again, the pricetag makes these shortcomings acceptable.

It vents well, and even with the mesh on the front vents left in place (you can just cut it out if you like) we never really felt too hot hot-headed even when climbing. The quality is better than some lids costing nearly twice as much.

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