Giro Atmos review£99.99

A top end road racers helmet

BikeRadar score4/5

This is a replica of super roadie Lance Armstrong's helmet. The one you've probably seen on the cover of roadie mags, with the carbon fibre lateral reinforcement spars poking out giving a welcome air of superiority to world of head potties.

Because this is a road racing lid there's no peak, or any other features usually found on mountain bike specific helmets. However, it's lightweight at 240g, there are 26 gaping vents to suck air into your head and the well established Roc-Loc system keeps it firmly, but comfortably in position - just what serious XC racer types are after.
Don't be fooled by the helmet's 'hardly there' look though, because the Atmos is as safe as houses - well a reinforced polystyrene house anyway. The aforementioned carbon bits create a frame around which the seamless polystyrene and micro shell 'in-mould' body is added. The result is the ultimate in open face helmet technology and safety. The Roc-Loc retention system works perfectly to keep the helmet in position with limited call for chinstraps to do their bit.
Wearing the Atmos is the nearest thing to riding bare headed - there's almost nothing keeping the breeze from cooling your head. In fact, over the winter months when the temperature dropped we found it too cool on several occasions, so we had to reach for a skull warmer or a less well vented helmet. The price is high but you get great performance Justin

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